A Lot to be Thankful for

Thanksgiving is one of the favorite days for people in America. Most of the people like it because of its traditions of spending time together with their families. Now it is actually around the corner, so we decided to ask a few CCA students how they are going to celebrate it. 

People sure had much to say about this. After interviewing students, we pointed out that their answers were pretty much the same. All of them included common traditions. Students ( as anyone else) prefer to spend this day with their relatives, but some of them might also invite guests.

There was a good difference in food people prefer. All the answers, of course, included turkey as the main meal, but the difference was even in the way people like to cook it. People like it with different sauces and side dishes. And of course, there were different salads and  desserts. Food is something that often makes a difference between families. 

Anyway, our research gave an interesting result. Although everyone appreciates traditions, there is still a huge difference, and many families have their original ceremonies and traditions. We feel really good about this, because that is what Thanksgiving is all about – family. CCA wishes you a happy Thanksgiving.