Inflated Christmas?

 Imagine looking under the Christmas tree searching for that one thing you had at the top of your Christmas list. 

Knowing that your parents didn’t forget you, you choose to ask why you don’t see the small box just big enough to fit the phone you have been asking for. 

Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse they tell you, “I’m sorry but we just couldn’t afford the most expensive thing on your list this year.” 

However, in that moment you haven’t recognized that it isn’t just you who isn’t getting that iPhone update, but millions of other kids across America. 

Due to the recent inflation many people’s Christmas have been affected. So in the moment when your parents are complaining about the prices of groceries and gas, you might not remember that you actually do care about inflation, you just don’t realize it. 

Priorities have been changing from how they’re going to get the presents you want, to how they will get to work with gas prices higher than ever. So next time you hear the cry of a parent who can’t stand paying three dollars for a gallon of gas, be more sympathetic to their cries since it just might cost you the latest update.