What’s Up Doc Dkhillon?

This month, the professional interviewed was Dr. Justin Dkhillon. 

Q: Why did you decide to become a doctor? 

Dkhillon: Although this is one of the hardest jobs and It is really hard to become a doctor, [being a doctor] has many advantages. Doctors are respected in society and needed everywhere, so you can easily get employed. I also think people with medical education will be important any time, even in the far future.

Q: Nowadays, many people think that doctors will soon be replaced by technologies and robots, what do you think about it?

Dkhillon: Medicine is not just operations, but also communicating. Only a human can understand what other people think and feel, so only a human can make right decisions. A machine can only do concrete and accurate things, and only when it is told to, but only a human what to do. For me there is no chance for this to happen, but I think it will take a few years for robots to be used to only help people.

Q: What do you think of self-medication?

Dkhillon: It depends on the symptoms. Everyone should be able to take the first steps of medication, but it should not go too far; and If you feel bad, you should visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Q: How long does It take to become a doctor?

Dkhillon: University takes 5 years, and then you have to do residency. You can also take extra steps of education to raise your quality, such as magistracy, but it is an average of 9-13 years after graduating [high] school.

Q: What do you think is something nobody really expects on their way to medical education?

Dkhillon: Most of the people do not expect how hard this is.The volume of information you have to memorize for each of your tests and exams is unbelievable.You have tests very often and they are really hard. If you fail something you have to start all [over] again. You work as hard as you can, or you get nothing. To graduate and get employed you have to have perfect grades, because of high contention.

Q: How does residency work?

Dkhillon: First you have to find a hospital that is going to help you with that. The better grades you have – the easier it is to find a residency program. You will actually work as a real doctor , but it will count as practice. You will work with patients, give them diagnoses and operate, while a professional doctor will keep an eye on you and help you. You have to practice in at least 2-3 hospitals to get employed, but the more you do, the better it is.

Q: How do you get employed after residency? 

Dkhillon: First, you have to receive a document that proves that you passed through residency and you are accredited. Then you make your resume. You have to use recommendation letters. You ask doctors you had residency with to write a letter about you and put them in your resume. You should get as many letters as you can. After a few days you get an email with an invitation for an interview.You should make an interview appointment as fast as you can, because thousands of people get these letters, and there are not as many workplaces. A few months after the interview you get an employment.

Q: What is the main way people ruin their health without even understanding It?

Dkhillon: I would say bad habits such as smoking and bad food. It is also bad to be nervous, but sometimes self-medication is the worst thing people can do.

Q: What are the main qualities to become a good doctor?

Dkhillon: Confidence, courage and persistence.

Q: What would you say to someone that wants to become a doctor?

Dkhillon: Never give up and know that there is nothing you can not do If you want to reach your goal.