The Legend of Mouseo and Whooliet

A Valentine’s Short Story



In a forest not that far away Mouseo was very hungry, so he decided to get a bite to eat at the hole in the tree tavern. Beside Mouseo there was an Owl. Her name was Whooliet. It was wintertime and everyone was very hungry. One of the owners of the tavern came up to Mouseo and said, ” Hey there! Sorry we are out of a lot of food; here, it is very hard to find food these cold days.”

“I understand,” said Mouseo, ” Is there anything I could do to help?” 

The owner thought, “I did overhear that there is a creepy old house on the other side of the forest. It’s said to have a treasure of berries, but be warned I have not heard the best things about that place,” said the owner with a worried expression.

“Berries!! “exclaimed Whooliet.

“If there is any chance I can lay my hands on some berries I will!”

“Sorry not sorry, I already said I was going to do it,” stated Mouseo.

The owner added, “Actually you never said you were going to go, but both of y’all are more than welcome to go but be careful!”

And that is what the two did beside the “careful” part. Whooliet flew as far away as she could from Mouseo; she did not want to be anywhere near him. Though on her way she spotted something moving. 

“What is that?”  

She flew a little closer. 

“AHHHHHHHHH! IT’S A SNAKE!” screamed Whooliet. 

“You better not be joking, if it’s a snake I am out of here, good luck you’ll need it,” said Mouseo. 

The snake saw the two prey and made it his goal to devour them. He jumped. Whooliet just flew higher and higher but Mouseo couldn’t.  The snake charged at Mouseo but just then Whooliet whooshed down and snatched up Mouseo. 

“Thank you so much, why did you save me? ” asked Mouseo.

“The only reason I saved you is because I know you can fit into small places in the house to help me find the berries. I also didn’t want that snake to have the satisfaction of eating you.”

The two kept on their way up the steep hill to the not-so-friendly-looking house. 

“If you guys are planning on going to that house you should start rethinking that decision,” said a town villager collecting wood around the property. 

“We’ll be just fine – or at least I will,” said Mouseo. “But thanks for the warning anyway.” 

The two made it up the hill and stopped at the door. 

“Ladies first!’ said Mouseo.

Whooliet rolled her eyes and went inside. The two split up trying to find the treasure first. After checking every crevice they found nothing. Mouseo found a bookshelf and thought maybe there was something else to it. He pulled almost every book off the shelf and when he got to the last book it was a lever that opened to a secret stairway. Without thinking he walked up the stairs. All of a sudden the stairs crashed from underneath him and he fell through and hit the bottom with a crash. But something broke his fall; he pulled over the tarp and it was the treasure of berries! Mouseo was so happy to finally find the treasure and then screamed out for help to get out. Then Whooliet came flying.

“What happened?! What did you do you?” said Whooliet in an angry tone. 

“I found this secret stairway and fell in. Please help me out. I know we don’t get along very well, but I would try to help you if you fell. Pretty please with a berry on top.

Whooliet sighs, “I guess I will, but only out of pity. Also, I’m not the type of bird who just flies away and leaves like most mice would think. I’m just trying to get by like everyone else these cold winters.” 

Whooliet flew down and got Mouseo out.

“Thank you so much. I didn’t think you were like every other bird. I feel like I should tell you when I was down there I found the treasure of berries, and I want to share them with you as a thank you. I know now that you’re not like everyone else and that you need the berries just as much as I do,” said Mouseo. 

“Thank you too, Mouseo for telling me this. It’s so generous of you.” 

Whooliet flew down to retrieve the basket of berries.

The two went on their way talking and laughing and just enjoying each other’s company, and ended up going back to the tavern to eat some of the berries together. The owner smiled at the two. Her plan in the end worked, and the two would make an awesome team and amazing friends after all.