Talk with a Teacher

  1. Hello. Please, introduce yourself.

Alla Morgan, a former teacher of Marshall county high school


  1. Why did you decide to be a teacher

Because it is a really important job that will always be helpful in the world


  1. How do you think the grades people make at school affect your future life

If you don’t make good grades , it doesn’t mean you won’t achieve anything in life , because

many things you learn at school won’t help you in the future , but school helps you to get

organized and use your time wisely , which will help you at anything you do later


  1. What are some hardships of this job that nobody usually knows about

Sometimes this job is harder than it seems. Besides teaching, teachers have many things to do

in a limited amount of time , which is not that easy to handle


  1. What do you think can help a student do better at school.

You can achieve anything, as long as you really want to. If this student really doesn’t like the

class and has no interest to it , I think nothing can help him, but if the student doesn’t do well

in all classes and wants to do better, then he just has to use his time more wisely to study

more, listen to the teachers and ask more questions during classes


  1. What do you think about online education

Online education is a good idea , but it won’t replace schools. It can be easier to study online,

but with in-person education student pays closer attention to what the teacher says and is

more organized in general


  1. What is a secret you need to know to be a good teacher?

To be a better teacher you have to find a specific method of teaching for each student. You

have to make your students interested in what you are teaching , then they will do good in



  1. What is a school rule that you would like to change?

Schools have existed for long time now. There are probably billions of people who came

through this rules and became successful . I think that today, school rules are perfect for

students to study.


  1. How could a teacher interest a student?

Today, peoples’ brains consume much more information. Sometimes, classes are boring for

students , because the brain consumes this information much slower than while watching

videos online or scrolling social media. Teachers should move more during classes , and use

different bright colored objects which will attract the students’ attention


  1. What would you say to people who want to become teachers in the future?

Teaching is an endless circle. People teach, then those people teach the next generation , and

if the circle ends- the world could no longer function . Work hard and never give up, because

you are the future of this world.