The Real Meaning Behind Valentine’s Day

The Real Meaning Behind Valentine’s Day

By: Audrey Tucker 


          What is your favorite holiday and what does it mean to you? Is it when a certain someone drops by to leave a few gifts under your tree, a holiday for painting eggs and eating chocolate bunnies, perhaps you’re more of a turkey and stuffing guy yourself. Whatever it is, we all know that Valentine’s Day is completely different from all other holidays we might see throughout the year. You might be asking yourself what’s the purpose of Valentine’s Day and why should it mean something to me. Whether you enjoy the dates, the traditional gifts and chocolates, or you’re single but enjoy giving and caring for those you love, Valentine’s Day reminds all of us how nice it feels to be loved.


          However, unlike every other holiday, Valentine’s Day is a holiday in which it can be celebrated by going out on dates or spending time with the one you love. As a middle aged adult this might consist of getting a babysitter to watch your kids while you and your husband enjoy a night out at a nice restaurant. While a high schoolers date maybe is just going to the theater and watching the latest trending movie. It’s sweet to be able to slow down from your stressful life and enjoy the person who cares so much about you. This is why I think dates are such a great way to enjoy this holiday.


          Another way we can enjoy this holiday is by exchanging gifts from one another. Every year, on this day people show their love for each other by exchanging chocolates, flowers, even giant stuffed bears. Many people do this because of basic tradition, since it’s what everyone expects out of a couples relationship when this holiday comes around. There are however, many others who just want to show their love and appreciation for the person they care about. Either way, this is a big part of Valentine’s, and it makes the receiver of the gifts feel special when they get them.


          Lastly, people who aren’t in a relationship might not be given anything, but can choose to give to those they love in their life. This is one reason I love this holiday because it allows people to have the opportunity to give back to those who have cared for them. For example, you can give back to your parents who have given their life to raise and take care of you. Maybe you want to give a little something to your friends who are always there for you. No matter who it is that you’re expressing this to, we should take time and recognize the significance of Valentine’s Day and how powerful it is to love and give back to those we care so much for.


          Overall, I believe that Valentine’s is one of the best holidays out there. There may be other holidays where you give, but Valentine’s Day is one where you can express your love for others and this makes it pretty unique.  It helps us remember that we are loved and cared for, even if we have to be the ones to remind ourselves of that. I think we should never forget the purpose of this day because of how powerful love can be to all of us. It should be considered a very important holiday, not just another day in the month, but something to truly remember. No matter how silly it may seem, when we talk about Valentine’s Day, we should still remember its purpose when February 14 comes around.